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Carol Rudd, LMT, RT


As a licensed Massage Therapist and retired Respiratory Therapist, Carol blends her western medicine knowledge to her eastern medicine practice.   As a massage therapist, or more aptly  an Asian Bodyworker, she focuses on AMMA Therapy, which is an energy-based, hands-on treatment pattern based in traditional Chinese medicine. Physical or emotional trauma can create blockages in the flow of energy and through AMMA, energy can be brought back into balance.

  As a respiratory therapist, and life long asthmatic, her passion is to serve those struggling with lung disease, adults or children.  More than inhalers or allergy shots, Carol teaches coping skills to improve quality of life.   Eastern medicine and qigong can enhance healing even more.  I am excited to introduce FIT2Breathe! a new 8 week program in collaboration with Evolving Wellness and Western Wisconsin Medicine in Music.  The focus of F2B is improvement of lung function and quality of life for those who struggle with any breathing problem.  Through this innovative program, you will learn about exercise, nutrition, infection prevention and so much more.

Natural Healing


Our goal is to provide the fundamental healing principles of mind-body medicine.  By combining the best of eastern and western medicine, AMMA Therapy, Qigong, meditation and positivity, we can promote healing, relieve pain and stress.  Our energy-focused services bring balance to the physical and emotional body and aids in healing the body naturally.  

Qigong are simple movements that create awareness of energy flow and promote relaxation and healing.  We offer several qigongs that calm the spirit as well as strengthen the body.

Our Lung Health Services, designed for those new or struggling with symptoms from Asthma, Bronchitis, Emphysema (COPD) or any Restrictive Lung disease, offer education and exercise that tap into eastern energy awareness and self healing strategies.

Our Promise to You


The mission of Healing Choices Oasis LLC is just that:  to provide choices for healing to individuals in the community.  Through massage, qigong, meditation, positivity and other healing modalities you can develop balance, focus, hope and healing of your body, mind and spirit.

Focus:  Our focus is on the patient, student, visitor or guest.  We treat all who enter our doors with respect and focus on their needs in that moment.

Balance:  The goal is to provide balance to those seeking our help through the services we offer.

Hope:  This is a place of hope for all, whether expressed or not.

Healing:  Whether through touch,  word, movement or inspiration,  healing is our clear intention for all.

Our Services


AMMA Therapy

Healing Choices Oasis LLC in Eau Claire  offers AMMA Therapy, a massage based in traditional Chinese medicine.  AMMA (pronounced "Ahh-maa") is a form of Asian bodywork that follows the energy pathways and promotes healing in the body.  Besides feeling like a wonderful massage, AMMA unblocks stuck energy and balances the energy systems to allow the body to heal itself.



Qigong and Meditation

Qigong (pronounced "chi or key-gong"), teaches awareness of our energy body through our breath and posture, and promotes relaxation and healing through practice.  Meditation is a mindfulness practice enhances relaxation, helps store energy and creates even more inner calm. 



As an asthmatic and respiratory therapist, I know what it's like to not be able to breathe.  FIT2Breathe is for adults with any breathing difficulty like Asthma, Emphysema (COPD), bronchitis or any restrictive diseasee that limits you.  This 8 week program offers education and exercise designed for you and includes breathing techniques, nutrition and self-care strategies to enhances our quality of life.

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